Roll out albert floorotex, with the blue side on top and the white, slightly adherent side on the bottom. When laying various rolls next to each other, have the rolls overlap by about 2 inches on each side. If there is heavy traffic, tape down the overlapping part of the rolls.  

 Installing instructions    
  • Turn off any heat before laying down albert floorotex roll
  • Protect against direct exposure to sunlight
  • Floor must be dry, even though floorotex rolls are breathable
  • Waiting time for laying down roll
  • follow the manufacturer's guidelines for complete curing times. Due to varying construction site conditions, a site test should also be performed to ensure that floor is cured.
  • Never lay down the floorotex roll until the final coat has been applied for 72 hours.
  • Ideal room temperature: 10 - 25 C° (50-80 deg. F)
  • Permissible room humidity: 50-60 %



albert Bauprodukte GmbH cannot ensure that the product will be used as suggested. Should a residue remain on the floor, albert Bauprodukte disclaims liability.

albert floorotex can be reused several times after light usage.    

1. Fold the mat over

2. Roll the mat up

albert floorotex is slightly adherent on the bottom. To avoid accidents the joints of the mat have to be taped down.